Siri From App to Apple

How much did Apple pay for the acquisition of Siri, the maker of a mobile virtual personal assistant app? Apple won’t say, and neither will the company or its investors. I’ve been digging around. Sources I trust with indirect knowledge of the transaction peg it at between $150 million to $250 million, with the strongest rumor being “more than $200 million.” Siri’s investors put a total of $24 million into the startup, so that would make the exit at least an eight-bagger.

Siri’s always been a virtual, voice-operated personal assistant, but she’s undergone a butterfly-like metamorphosis from her birth as an iPhone app to her reemergence as the omnipotent, almost-human conduit between the brain of the iPhone 4S and the device owner.

Siri for iPhone 4S has been eight years in the making. Here’s a look at how she grew into her role as the intelligent personal assistant of Apple’s next-generation iPhone.

If you ask what is Siri? Siri is a virtual personal assistant on your phone. You ask Siri in your own voice, and it helps you get things done when you’re on the go. This video shows a demo of Siri helping plan a romantic evening, get tickets to a great movie, discover cool things to do on the weekend, and getting back home.

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